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By marilynupton-hypno1, May 27 2016 08:44AM

Hello all! Hoping you are well and chilled? If you need a bit of tweaking do consider my individual sessions and the Meditation Groups and Workshops. New dates just published in my Meditation Classes page!

By marilynupton-hypno1, Jan 25 2016 06:10PM

Hello All

You'll see on the Meditation page that I have some more Meditations, Classes and Workshops coming up.

I just love taking these sessions and helping people to forget the stresses and tensions of life for a while, at the same time as they learn techniques to help with those stresses and tensions!

I keep my prices low so that it's not too much of a strain.

Come and help the grey days of Winter go along quickly by chilling out in the warm! In a guided Meditation take yourself to a tropical beach maybe?

I hope you'll be able to join me on 30th January, 18th February, 27th February, 17th March and 2nd April.

Let me know beforehand if you'd like to come, so that I can do some handouts for you!

Stay chilled and warm!

By marilynupton-hypno1, Sep 11 2015 05:08PM

It's been good to see everyone at the Meditation classes and Groups that I've already run recently. The new dates up to December are now on the Classes page- and also some offers!

Check them out- it would be great to see new faces at the Thursday Classes and the Saturday Meditation Groups. It's great too to see the regulars at my classes and groups and to see you "getting there"- like me!

Let me know if there are new themes that you'd like covered at the groups- it's possible to meditate on ANYTHING!

Let me know too if you'd like a CD made of the Chakra Meditations. Sometimes it's good to have something with you that reminds you about what you've done at a Meditation. CDs are £5 each.

I'm looking forward to going on with these lovely soothing exercises, that help us change for the better without all the angst!

By marilynupton-hypno1, Jul 30 2015 08:41PM

Hi Everyone

I hope you are enjoying Summer and finding some sunshine?

I now have dates for Summer and Autumn Classes and Workshops!

Thursday evenings are the times for Stress Management and Mindfulness with Meditations. The next classes are taking place on Thursday 20th August and Thursday 17th September 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

On Saturday afternoons it's time for Chakra Balancing and Mindfulness Meditations! This takes place on Saturday 27th September and Saturday 31st October 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

Prices and offers are on the Meditation page!

Whatever the time of year it's always good to take time out and slip into soothing Meditation. I hope you'll be able to come and sample these times away from the stresses and strains of life- and then return to daily life renewed and refreshed!

By marilynupton-hypno1, May 25 2015 04:41PM

Hi Everybody

I hope you are enjoying Spring/ Summer?

To make your life even more special why not come to one of my Meditation Sessions?

One Saturday a month I'm doing Mindfulness Meditations and Chakra Meditations at Nine Springs Natural Health Centre.

The dates and times are: Saturday 30th May at 2.30pm- 4.30pm.

Saturday 27th June, same time, same place!

Saturday 29th August, same time, same place!

The cost is: £16 for one session, £30 for two sessions, £42 for three sessions paid in


On Thursday evenings I'm doing Stress Management and Mindfulness Meditations at Nine Springs.

The dates and times are: Thursday 18th June 6.30-8.30pm

Thursday 16th July 6.30-8.30pm

The cost is £16 for one session or £30 for two sessions, paid in advance.

These sessions are very soothing, and put you in touch with YOU. As you know, when we're in touch with us life flows much more smoothly and we make the right decisions effortlessly.

People say that they leave the sessions feeling much calmer and stronger.

Come and give it a whirl! I'll enjoy meeting you!