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Chilling out in the Warm!

By marilynupton-hypno1, Jan 25 2016 06:10PM

Hello All

You'll see on the Meditation page that I have some more Meditations, Classes and Workshops coming up.

I just love taking these sessions and helping people to forget the stresses and tensions of life for a while, at the same time as they learn techniques to help with those stresses and tensions!

I keep my prices low so that it's not too much of a strain.

Come and help the grey days of Winter go along quickly by chilling out in the warm! In a guided Meditation take yourself to a tropical beach maybe?

I hope you'll be able to join me on 30th January, 18th February, 27th February, 17th March and 2nd April.

Let me know beforehand if you'd like to come, so that I can do some handouts for you!

Stay chilled and warm!

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